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Barney's Pub for Breakfast in Jacksonville, Illinois


228 W. Morton Ave., Jacksonville, IL, 62650

Perkins, of course, is the place for pancakes and muffins and a general all around good breakfast.  Grandma Rudi's (with a Sunday breakfast buffet), the Three Star Diner (South Jacksonville), and Weatherby's are all popular good choices.

But don't forget to try Barney's Pub for a weekend breakfast.  Yes, it's a bar.  But it's a bar with solid comfort food breakfasts.  Large servings, reasonable prices.  They kinda specialize in piles of food - the Haystack, the Stuff Hash Browns.  Yummy!

Barney's offers good and fast service.  It's not fancy, but it's very comfortable with lots of tables and TVs (just about a 1 to 1 ratio) and a breakfast you'll enjoy with a friend.

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  1. I have gotten word that a select number of people of interest hangs in Barney's pub. Aside from the pleasant beer time, there are conversations that I am after.